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Posted on: February 25, 2008




पऱछाइ-ए-माजी से हर पल भागा फिरता ॅहू मैं,

बेखबर आज से तदबीऱे कल की करता ंहू मैं

भाव खाना ही इक सुकून हैं मत छीनो इसे……….


** Triveni is an innovative form of peotry which is a bit different from the usual forms like sher and ghazal. Unlike shers, the trivenis are written with three misra’s (three lines of poetry) where first two lines forms a complete sher and the introduction of third misra(line) gives the sher a new dimension or meaning. Sher ko kuchh naye maani mil jaate hain.
Bakaul Gulzar –Triveni Bah nikli –
Shuru shuru mein jab ye form banaai thi, to pata nahin tha yeh kis sangam tak pahunchegi – Triveni naam isliye diya tha, ki pahle do misre, Ganga Jamuna ki tarah milte hain, aur ek khayal, ek sher ko mukammil karte hain. Lekin in do dharaon ke neeche ek aur nadi hai – Saraswati. Jo gupt hai. Nazar nahin aati; Triveni ka kaam saraswati dikhana hai. Teesara misra, kahin pahle do misron mein gupt hai. Chhupa hua hai

1972/73 mein Jab Kamleshwar Saarika ke editor the, Triveniyan Saarika mein chhapti rahi, aur ab
Triveni ko baaligh hote, 27-28 saal lag gaye….
**Definition of Triveni is taken from the internet.
## Picture & text by Manu

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