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What is Bad

Posted on: March 3, 2008

What is BAD*

From my childhood days, I was quite considerate about this point, that the thing I am doing and which is labelled as wrong, is it really erroneous or just a perception made by some handful of people for their convenience. These confound thoughts increased in number as I moved ahead in my elevated stairs of experience. Every year, when my age basket is amplified with new pal, this alacrity for truth strive to accomplish new horizon.      

                            Till now, I am sure few queries are tickling your mind that what is the real issue? why i am creating all these fuss? So before going into the thick of the things, let me ask you one question- who is bad or what is bad… or what is the definition of erroneous/wrong/immoral? As I think all these laws and orders made by us and this is just the perspicacity of some shrewd guys those wanted to rule. That’s why they had created a loop of rules and regulation around us and who ever tried to cross that circle, got antipathy of the concern people. What I feel, like the theory of Relativity by Einstein, every thing is relative. One thing which looks wrong from my side might be acceptable from yours. So it is a matter of view how we see the things, Grass which seems to be green is not always green in the same way its vice versa is also there and it is true too. So how could we establish some thing/act as immoral in the universal basis?  

Let’s go back to primitive time, In the Stone Age, when these beliefs were not in the implementation, the only reason for all sacrifices, worships and rituals was FEAR. People at that time worshiped source of natural calamity, just to create a hallucination of confidence in their minds, as time passed man used his so called intellect and created some principles which were named as ethics. These ethics were the weapon of some elite part of that time frame, to establish them in the pages of history and they were successful to some extent. What they had erected in past we are following the same wry doctrines with out using our own brain and logic.                             

                          Today also, the simple and foremost reason behind our blind disciple nature is the same- Fear; we always sport this layer of fear over ourselves. Those who made these sets of wrong and right deeds were also affected by this malady, and they had established these beliefs to keep themselves safe and for the very same purpose they had used this persuasive weapon of ethics. I never concur with these theories, what I feel the nature of the things depend on the situation in which it happens. We can not paste a permanent label on the things that these are offensive and always avoid to do. Whenever I see, people around me blindly following such paths, I feel pity on them as they are not using the most beautiful gift given by almighty to us ‘brain’ the only thing which differentiate a man from the brute. Nothing is going to change, as long as this earth revolves around the sun, this conflict between the right and wrong will be there. Perhaps someday, we will become intelligent enough in developing our own perception.  

* An old post from my indiatimes blog.


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