Straight from the Heart


Posted on: April 10, 2008

Dear Jackey,

Finally your time for struggle has passed. We had only that much of associationship, you came, you cherished us with some good memoirs, and you passed away. You were a darling with faithful, pure and amiable heart.


I can still rewind those friendly eyes as you never retaliate intentionally or inadvertently on any of our immature acts, I think these qualities are only remaining with the species like you.


You had a strong affinity towards pastries, cake, especially sweet eatables, which was not good for your health. Now no one will come to us, to share that piece of cake. No one will come to welcome us at the gate. No one will ask us that forcefully to play. On arrival, No one will greet us with that unbounded love and I am sure no one will be able to fill that void which is created by your loss.


Adieu Jackey, May your soul rest in peace. Your reminiscence will always reside in our heart.



**My eleven year old companion Jackey, a faithful dog passed away yesterday. He was suffering from incurable tumor.

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