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Reservation… One more border

Posted on: April 14, 2008

Reservation… One more border

From the ancient era, some unjustifiable biased approaches have been followed with blind belief in our society, whether it was an example of Eklavya or Karan in Mahabharata or the saga of Saint Kabeer and his Guru Ramanand. But they fianlly accomplished what they wanted and that was only because of the qualities they had, not due to certain favor. They left an optimistic mark on the pages of history by their perseverance, sheer devotion, dedication and uphill struggle.

Let’s check our history, only 100 years back what British did they used a simple but sharp weapon against us “divide and rule” and successfully ruled over India for more than two hundred years. The seed they had implanted, shown its adverse affect and still after many years, we are fighting with that killer syndrome, Sometimes in Kashmir, sometimes in Gujarat. Only there are changes in the geographical locations and names. A spark is still alive, and always ready to transform into fire.

Now our great politicians are doing the same job; my greatest fear of reservation is the same. It will create a line of revulsion between us, which will be difficult to cross in the future. When two guys are giving their efforts for a same goal, one is intelligent more than the other in every aspect but in spite of that other one achieve that target successfully just because of the reason he belong to a particular caste or breed. Then it is the most pathetic condition not only for that botched guy but also for our country as we are not giving priority to the brain but to the breed. I am flabbergasted by the thinking of our cerebral politicians, for increasing vote bank they are fiddling with the future of millions. The most unfortunate thing in this episode is most of our senior leaders in politics; those have logical thinking and sensibility. They are trying to avoid this topic and don’t want to put their sincere view as they have a fear of the result in terms of anger given by a particular part of society. They are anxious as their unbiased view can cause a hamper in their political career. Till now no one came to place a true and justified opinion. What to say for these timorous souls even I think these are the people more responsible for the cause than the others those are trying to impose this so called social reform- reservation on us.

What will happen to our motherland as when there is a need to think on serious economic and social issues, these kind souls are creating new concerns? There are tons of issues are still there. We don’t have good sanitation and drinking water facility in 50% part of our country, child laborers are still between us, elementary education still not reached in most of our places, caste and gender based discrimination still exists, Inflation is skyrocketing, poor is getting poor and they are talking about such type of social reform.

Only God can provide this sense of sagacity to them. This is the irony of our country that the people who are in reservation for last 60 years still want to be called themselves backwards. They do not want to become forwards at all. The question arises as, is the reservation only justified solution for putting these backward segments into the main stream?  Is this policy really ready to lend a hand in the true sense? I am still in doubt, if this course of action is really helpful to the real deprived section of our backward society.


3 Responses to "Reservation… One more border"

Great post – and a good blog
thanks for linking….!

Dear Mr. Rumi,
Thanks for your comment, I am a regular reader of your blog and it’s my pleasure to have your blog in my blog roll.

A pertinent question, a valid query from the so called leaders. MY compliments on your insight into the issue.
Perhaps you would be interested in this also…

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