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Me..Myself…and I

Posted on: April 28, 2008

About Me:
If you are thinking here u will get some interesting stuff then just skip it because here i am trying to write few lines on about me? Which is evidently a query for me and may be boring for you. so you have been forewarned don’t blame me further……like millions of other guys, most of the time i am working for the elevation of self facade, sometimes trying to create a image which does not match with my silhouette. What I am and what i want to be, i do vacillate between these two points. I am slipshod want to be attentive, i am lethargic want to be energetic, I am this and i want that, always surrounded by the flood of wants, desires and word I. Well this is a human nature and i am too surrounded by this malady. Whenever i see any needy I want to help him/her and on the next very second I start thinking why they are needy are they really need help or they deserve the situation in which they are…..i used to make plans and tried some of them successfully, but in most of the cases in spite of favorable results I have not recieved that satisfaction which I had expected while planning. I start thinking what we are doing ? are we really here to do the same task on which we are giving our tremendous efforts and energy or till now we were moving in a mirage. I believe in almighty but in some situation act like an agnostic on the very next second I feel its sacred presence in myself,and feel that providing me the strength, motivation to fight with odd situations. Discovery is going on more I will go deeper more I will encounter, each and every day a new face, with new desires, aspirations, dreams.
Books that bind:
Books..I am an avid reader, I can read anything language no bar..English..Hindi..Urdu (in learning phase)..the chosen ones are..The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Straight from the Guts by Jack Welch, The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, Gitanjali by Rabindra Nath Tagore (going through), Bhism Shahni , Jenendra, Mannu Bhandari, Fanishwar Nath ‘Renu’, Prem Chand, Ghalib, Guljar literary creations…
A glutton’s delight:
Mummy’s Kitchen..missing a lot..otherwise anything Vegetarian.
Music that saves my soul:
Music ..again depends on mood..from Soft, Classic, Ghazals, Carnatic to hip hop pop and Rock..
Movies that make me wild:
lots of…..from action, sci-fi, thriller to romantic honey dew…List is named a few.. Titanic, Brave Heart, Vertical heights, MI-2, Matrix series,Euro Trip, 40 Days 40 Nites….. in Hindi..Deewar, Golmaal, All Rishikesh da hits…RDB,HDDCS, DDLJ….Sadma,Masoom…
My passions proclaim:
Passion…hmmm…roaming aimlessly in the quest of narcisstic hedonism..
I admire:
Nature and its Creation……People who believe in their self, as i believe that self is a part of almighty, so its all about reliance…on that divine power… who is one, on your self … if u can’t believe on your self..then … ..
My fear factor:
Fear is one of the most ancient malady, always attached with human. So i am not the exception, i do have…..but better left undisclosed.
I believe I can:
I can I will….This is the punchline of brand Manu…..ha ha ha …jokes apart….But these four words have tremendous energy and i do believe in the philosophy behind these words….
I’d be a better person if I:
If…this word kills…If this then that..if that i don’t want to fiddle with this nonsence word….
My sixpence to the world:
Love and Hope…


“Whenever I tried to squeeze those ineffable, perplex, untouched thoughts or things…they tried to unearth some other channel to prove their existence in the surface of this so called real world. Sometimes myself able to conceal and sometimes not….i think that’s the human“


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[…] is evidently a query for me and may be boring for you. so you have been forewarned don??t blame me Passion of Ayn RandThe passion of ayn Rand, a biography by Rand&39s former associate Barbara […]

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