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Posted on: June 7, 2008



So as of now, the IPL fever is over, Cheers gals are no more moving their curves, I am trying to explore the state of affairs after this forty four days lengthy octagonal combat. Instead of getting into the thick of the sportiest things, let’s check the predictable activities of few nears and dears of this intensive profitable league.


The real cricket affectionate TV channel Set Max, BCCI and our beloved players are indubitably busy with their investment consultants to cope with this crunchy currency flood captivated by their bank accounts.


Our own self acclaimed badhshah of bollywood has got active with his about to failed “Kya aap pachvi pass se tej hai” venture and moving back to his honey dew romantic film projects, Thanks to Aditya Chopra for venturing into DDLJ 2.0.  


Ness Wadia is a happy man now, in spite of his not so profitable bid in the form of kings XI Punjab. He is in relief as now he is the only one, who will receive pleasure of the heavenly jhaapi-shappi sessions of his truly generous gal friend Priety.


Once a Dada, Ganguly is trying his hand on some really juicy rosogolla making techniques as he has lot of time till next year IPL. Might be he will take this chore seriously as his next profession.


“Lord, save me by the rage of my fellow Bong Bhadraloks as after reading this post I don’t know if they will try to hit me hard.”


Dravid, what he is thinking now might be planning to adieu this Dana-dun cricket format. This is a million dollar question as I am still clueless about his entirely confuse ever gloomy face and void strategies through out the IPL. The fearful fanatic performance of disabled challengers has breached all the records of not so excited cricket


Sachin, Jaisuriya, Mcgrath, Pollock all are surely enjoying this occasion after defying the restricting rules of age over experience. Although Sachin was unable to perform that”Duniya Hila Denge” act but surely saved his team from a shameful exit.  


Goni, Pathan (Yusuf), Patel these boys are now becomes the talk of the town because of their wonderful performance and they are enjoying these victorious days of glory. 


The so-called number one bowler Show-ab Akhtar must be thinking about his next undertaking, as prevailing condition will give him one more chance to fly over the green field is certainly doubtful. Anyway he can write his autobiography and I am sure it will be a big hit with lots of masala film flavors or he can contact Mahesh Bhatt for a fresh start in a new field.


And here comes our hero Yum Yuch Dhonee from Jharkhand, with his fortitude and ever cool attitude. But this time he was not as lucky as in the last T-Twenty world cup. His sweet IPL dream has been gently shattered by Warne, Tanveer and Yusuf but how can we forget the hand of god in the form of ostensible fast bowling of Balajee with one pathetic wide in crucial last over and pitiable wicket keeping skills of our innocent looking wicket keeper Parthiv Patel.


Let’s don’t forget the new angry young sardar….man of cricket world, after awarding a tight slap to ferocious pacer turned cry baby Shree Santh, he is keeping himself busy with some yoga and meditation. But he deserve round of applause for the change in Shree turned Santh as now he is concentrating on his bowling only. I think, we need bhajji type guy in each and every sports team to improve their performance. 


And never the last nor the least Shane Warne, after leaving international test and OD cricket, has written a new success story beside his drugs, three some and erotic emails tales. Once again, he has proved his mettle as his role in IPL as a captain and a sportsman is truly appraisable. From rags to riches, the chronicle of Royals is inspiring with a humble start and magnificent final victory.



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[…] Dravid, what he is thinking now might be planning to adieu this Dana-dun cricket format. This is a million dollar question as I am still clueless about his entirely confuse ever gloomy face and void strategies through out the IPL. …Posted from By Manu […]

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