Straight from the Heart

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

Posted on: November 6, 2008



          Some things are too dangerous to keep secret; true indeed. After a significant hiatus; I watched an aesthetically nice piece of celluloid- Dirty Pretty Things. The story revolves around the two illegal immigrants in the city of London.  Director Stephen Frears has been pretty successful in his artistic attempt by sketching a sensitive movie plot with ingenuous portrayal of illegal immigrant’s life; their daily struggle, aspirations, exploitation and emotions are beautifully crafted by the different sequences. The main lead Okwe is an illegal Nigerian immigrant, and wanted by the Nigerian police in the charge of his wife’s murder. He came to London in the search of mental solace as he somewhere perceive himself a reason behind his wife’s death. In London, he met Senay Gelik (Audrey Tautou), a beautiful Turkish girl in her early twenties as she provides him shelter. Movie moves forward as Okwe discovers the ghastly side of London life. Chiwetel Ejiofor in the main lead as Okwe has done a great job as most of the times his eyes reflects the anguish beats of his wavy life. His acting skills are superb and dialog delivery is commendable. Audrey looks tempting through out the movie and his ingenious French accent provides a clear profundity to her character. In some of the scenes; she is too good as she has got diverse chances to show the true color of love, hate, damage, ecstasy and agony. Film was nominated for 2004 academy awards in the best writing/ screen play category; beside that this movie won many accolades. An honest attempt in the meadow of meaningful cinema, must watch.


** The picture is taken from the web.


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